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Usually people contact each other for a specific reason, which automatically puts me out of the ordinary. I do like to talk with people at many topics or even without such. However since I’d like to keep everything in order and show such organisation to others, will type down some links to other websites where you can contact me, adding a most commonly reason to reach me there (based on website’s general purpose)

Facebook – My Facebook page. Message me there for anything, literally anything. The page itself is used to show variety of posts inside of Facebook, some being very serious links, some just for the fun.

Twitter – Right now it is something I barely used, but looking forward to make it main social network.

Pinterest – If you are fan of collecting pictures like me, you already know what you can make there, if not, I will have a blog post coming up for that website very soon. Feel free to follow me there to get the most of the colourful world. My most viewed board is with art, but have several interesting others.

Twitch – Looking to establish myself around “blocky” games like Minecraft, as well as some MMO RPGs like World of Warcraft. Currently I’m streaming in Bulgarian, but you can still come and say Hi 🙂

Mail me – Looking for business lead, please use ?this? contact form. (temporary removed)

Coming soon – Instagram, Google+, Youtube with different content and last but not least My Friends. As well as some of my in-game character names. Stay tuned.