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Announcement March 2021

Hello there!

With the evergrowing online world, we are going into more and more digitalization. Wether we are looking to make an impression or to show how awesome a product is, we are always finding a new or refine old ways to display the information infront of people.

That being said (or perhaps you could say – written), I’m happy to announce – this website is getting an overhaul. It’s finally getting seriously live and will be providing the world with something rather than just being a placeholder for the domain name 🙂

Being a value chasing person, me – Stefan Stratiev (a.k.a. Tsefo) will be using it as a place where we can learn more about money, plus various topics into how we can use them to live better.

With this project finally coming out of the planning phase, I’m launching several treats for people who are in that kind of stuff. Here is what’s planned and already being launched (with direct links):
1. Youtube channel – If you are a person who prefer to get information visually, Youtube is a place where you can see the person talking and get more comfortable that you are not in a big machine, but getting information from an actual person.
2. Discord server – So far the only way to talk with me was in private channels or on a gaming stream, which let’s get it out, was not very successful. With Discord we will be able to discuss more indept and talk to each other more.
3. This website – It’s not exactly a new thing, but it will get serious upgrade on both technical and visual side. This will allow us to have more topics, which are useful for all of us into the ever-growing world of money.
4. Patreon – You will be able to find hidden treasures there, not available anywhere else.

You are probably wondering what’s going to be the same or what from the old stuff we will still have, so here it is:
1. Gameometria’s Discord Server – We have it still running, even tho it is rarely used. At some point in the near future it will get an upgrade as well, but more on that later this year.
2. Twitch Stream – We all love the gaming aspect of life, so I will be looking to restart the stream with fresh power, having more and more fun together.